Sunday, 25 March 2012

In Shanghai...

A few days later....

...these figures greeted us when entering the Grand Hyatt Shanghai....having breakfast at the Cloud 9 lounge on the 87 th floor.

Is this great ? No, it's pretty scary, if you ask me.

I think I would be more in tune with this message.
My passion for health and strange erbs made me purchase some roots at this herbal store. Nobody speaks English so you kind of have to help yourself. I trust my intuition and smelled all the strange items until I settled for a black rubber looking root called 
Chinese Foxglove /Rehmannia root, being fantastic for strengthen and nourish the blood. It is also excellent for the kidneys. Got a few other things, like Goji berries. Love them on the yogurt in the morning.
A nice visit to Old Shanghai teahouse for a good ambiance and a decent cup of Jasmine tea. If you like to avoid crowds, this is not the place to visit.
Unfortunately there was not enough time to see what I really would have liked to see. 
Modern architecture, clubs, trendy restaurants and fashion stores. This was my first time to Shanghai and perhaps not the last. 
It did leave me unimpressed... 

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